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Creating a Proposal Pact

A proposal pact enables a user to create a proposal on blockchain that users can contribute to and vote on. An example use case of this could be a fundraiser. One added feature in the proposal pact is that of voting. The voters can be an open set of participation with a minimum contribution, or a fixed set of accounts pre-decided by the pact creator.

For this example, let's say Alice wants to raise money for a tree plantation drive nearby. All she needs is a funding of USD 1000 for the expenses in the effort. She not only aims to raise the funds, but also wants to collect opinions of people through voting.

Alice will create and manage the pact in the following steps:

  • Chooses an account with enough native balance to pay for transactions
  • Enters a short summary and and external URL into the pact text while drafting the pact
  • Decides on minimum contribution, a suitable date and time to start voting, and creates the pact
  • Shares the pact URL on social media to gather attention, as the voting gets active
  • Collects the gathered fund after the voting period

Wallets and balances

See Wallets and balances

Create Proposal Pact flow